I am a 30+ year old woman that was diagnosed with Crohn’s in January of 2016.  I survived my childhood by avoiding dairy and red meat but was never diagnosed with anything.  In January, my life was changed.  I had a large mass that blocked my intestines.  4-5 feet of intestine had to be removed.  Labs confirmed the mass was not cancerous but I was diagnosed with Crohn’s.  Since then, I have changed doctors more frequently than the seasons.  I believe I finally have a specialist I can work with.  I am a horrible patient as I have tons of questions and am very interested in returning to a normal life.

Freedom is life for me and Crohn’s has taken my enjoyment.  Trying to find enjoyment in life now has been a challenge but I am hopeful that my life can return to being more than just getting through the day.  I may be triggering to those with eating disorders and I likely have one but will not be diagnosed as my weight is not below a normal BMI.  It is not intentional but please do not read my nonsense if discussions about weight are triggering.