The skin on my elbows and knees is dry and cracking. It is very thick and the only relief is coconut oil. When I showed Doctor #5, he responded by telling me that one of his other patients also had this reaction to Entyvio. I let him know that any soaps and lotions make my skin feel like it is on fire. The scaly grossness goes away but the pic above is as good as it gets.

I’ve always believed that if life is too hard or a specific thing in life is too difficult, it is probably wrong. This does not mean that I do not like a challenge. I most certainly do. However, when I am doing something and it seems like there there is brick wall after brick wall, I generally change my course. I was not getting what I needed in life until I changed my course and returned to college. After getting my degree, I found a job I loved. After years of dedicating hours upon hours and things continued to get more challenging each day, I changed careers and again was happy and satisfied and things in life stopped falling apart. This just seems to be the way life works. As silly as it may sound, I believe I need to stay fluid enough to roll with the tides in life. There is no one career or place that will ever be a final draft for me.

With all that being stated, I feel like I am hitting brick wall after brick wall with Crohn’s. I question if I should receive any treatment. I wonder if removing the amalgam fillings caused this. I wonder if anyone will ever look into what caused the mass or “tumor” in my intestines. I wonder if there is a diet change or herbal remedy. I wonder if the well water in my home has contributed. I did not make any New Year resolutions. I did make a bucket list though.