I have the results from the labs.  Long story short–inflammation.

Why have I spent the last 12 months inflamed?  Seriously.  After my surgery in January I was told the disease was removed and it would take time for inflammation to return.  NOPE. It can back and it was an angry beast.  Medication is not taming this beast.

So here it is, less than 30 days away from my one year anniversary of being diagnosed and losing a chunk of guts and I still haven’t figured out the trick to being well.

As a side note, I may look back at a later point to see if I can pinpoint a time when this weird toenail/fingernail thing started.  My nails have thinned and are spoon-shaped.  Doctors do not seem concerned with this.  They are so thin they just rip off.  I haven’t had to clip them in months.  Actually, even filing them can cause them to split.  Anyway, now I have pain underneath my nails-especially my thumbs.  The hell is this?  It feels like a splinter is wedged between my nail and the skin under my nail.  There is no splinter–it just hurts like one.

Also…I can no longer hear the term “butt hurt” without making a face.  This is no joke.