I don’t remember much about Doctor #4 other than he advised me that he had gone to medical school and I had not.  I reminded him that I respected his decisions as a doctor but I also believed that there was no person in the world more interested in my well-being than myself.  Doctors are doing a job each day and I am just another patient.  I was never raised to accept what I was given without doing my own research.  I would think a good doctor would appreciate my involvement with my own care.

Sitting in bed one night, I told my husband that I was finished with Crohn’s.  My decision was not being treated any longer.  I hadn’t been on medications for over a month and seemed to be doing ok.  I was drinking a rice milk and banana shake daily and my weight was stable.  Honestly, I have no idea how I am so fortunate but maintaining my weight has not been too much of a struggle.  The first few months were tough but since then, I’ve done well.  My husband talked me into trying ONE more doctor.  He called his step-mom and asked her for her opinion on doctors in the area.  He explained that he needed a really good one because I was only trying one more doctor before calling it quits.  She gave him the name of a practice and her opinion is that any doctor with this group would be amazing.

I called and set up an appointment.  I explained the first appointment how rotten of a patient I can be.  My new GI specialist recommended Entyvio and asked me to research it and give him an answer in a few weeks.  I agreed to starting Entyvio.  Doctor #5 seems to order tests without me asking.  I almost never have to advocate for myself because he seems to have everything taken care of before it is an issue.  I think I may have found a doctor that I can work with for awhile.  I hope this is long-term but I really don’t want to get excited yet.