A majority of the people I know do not have Crohn’s Disease.  Many people with Crohn’s express that there should be no whining or complaining because those with cancer have life much worse.  I am now in a category that uses those diagnosed with cancer as a means of comparison when considering quality of life.

I intend on using this blog as a means of expressing some of my thoughts regarding my life with Crohn’s.  It has become the one thing in my life that everything else revolves around.  My favorite part of having Crohn’s has been hearing people explain to me how their (insert family, friend, neighbor) deals with Crohn’s.  For example, I once had someone become upset with me when I could not accept a slice of pie.  This person insisted that she knew I could eat this specific item because her boss had Crohn’s and he had eaten it and he was fine.  Not only did I not get to eat pie, I managed to offend a friend by just existing.  Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens and I am not going to expect anyone to understand Crohn’s.  I am not even able to understand it.  One day I can eat something and the next day I might eat it and spend the afternoon in the restroom.

I am promising myself that I will document my experiences with Crohn’s.  I hope this will not only be an outlet for myself but maybe someone will stumble in and learn something from my ramblings.